CougarNet Audiovisual Resources

CougarNet strives to support educators and students with their technical needs in a constantly changing environment. To address the evolving needs of these groups within the steady flow of new technology, CougarNet has standardized on a number of audiovisual technologies to maximize connectivity and allow as many users as possible to take advantage of campus resources.

These standard technologies are:

1/8" Connector: It allows you to connect consumer audio sources to a sound system. Such sources include laptops, tablets, cd players, and MP3 players.

Projector Sound: These are the speakers used that are inside the projector. Often they are described as sounding small and tinny. If these speakers are not sufficient for your use, portable speakers may be reserved from the CougarNet Helpdesk by a faculty or staff member.

Speaker Sound: In some spaces the speaker is in its own enclosure (and not inside the projector). These speakers tend to produce very nice sound.

Composite Video: This video signal is seen commonly in VCR and DVD players. It uses one, usually yellow, RCA connector. The quality of composite video will away be poor (standard definition).

VGA: Used here VGA is a generic term for a type of analog video signal. The connector it uses is commonly referred to as a VGA connector. Its quality can generally be classified as good (high definition).

HDMI: This is a digital video format. Our systems provide a standard HDMI plug for connectivity. It produces good video (high definition). Adapters can be used to connect devices with DVI or Dual-Mode DisplayPort video outputs to these systems.  You are responsible for providing your own adapters.

Document Camera: Sometimes called a visualizer, a Document Camera is a camera raised above a platform. Documents and objects are placed under the camera and shown on a large display for whole room to see.

Smart Board: The Smart Board is the brand name of the interactive whiteboards used at Concordia. With specific software drivers and a USB cable the Smart Board allows users to interact with their computer at the Smart Board.

The following table lists these standard technologies and the rooms that support them.


Audio Technology

Video Technology

Interactive Technology

1/8" Connector

Projector Sound

Speaker Sound

Composite Video



Document Camera

Smart Board

Addison Hall

AD 141A









AD 141B





AD 150





AD 200





AD 202





AD 203





AD 205





AD 207





AD 210





AD 211









AD 213





AD 214









AD 215



Christopher Center

CC 200




CC 248









CC 250



CC 251





CC 260



CC 268




CC 286




CC 287




CC 341





CC 349





CC 361









CC 365





Eifrig Hall

EI 103









EI 109









EI 111





EI 200





EI 209









EI 210





EI 215





EI 217









EI 309





EI 311



Geismann Gymnasiums

North Gym Floor








South Gym Floor








Classroom 26





Koehneke Community Center

Alumni Room





Oak Park Room









River Forest Room









Room 10









Rugland Room




Krentz Center

KZ 100









KZ 104





KZ 105









KZ 120




KZ 156





KZ 200



KZ 201





KZ 202





KZ 204









KZ 250









KZ 256





Kretzmann Hall

KM 150









KM 153





KM 159





KM 200








KM 201









KM 203









KM 225








KM 230







KM 269








KM 271




KM 350





KM 351



KM 356









KM 361





KM 363






Last updated: 1/8/2014