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Concordia Youth Ministry (CYM)

Concordia Youth Ministry-- working with young people through lock-ins, concerts, servant events, and retreats 

Mission Statement

The purpose of Concordia Youth Ministry at Concordia University is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 

This is accomplished through fellowship with fellow team members, by witnessing through chapel services, lock-ins, servant events, and concerts.  We minister to the community of believers and unbelievers, both here at Concordia and in the world. 

We do this through Bible studies, songs, games, and our silent witness of living our lives for the one true Savior Jesus Christ. 

Types of Ministry teams:

All of our teams consist of students who are attending Concordia University.  They are freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors in a variety of different majors from Education, DCE, and Pre-Seminary to Business, Theater, and Exercise Science.

Regular teams - These teams consist of 15-30 members.  The teams meet about once a week to plan and join in fellowship with one another.  They typically do lock-ins but are also available for retreats and other events.

Musical Teams - We have two musical teams that proclaim the Gospel through song.  These groups consist of 7-11 people.  They are available to do lock-ins, concerts, retreats, and other events.  Each musical team has their own flavor to the type of music they play listed below… If you are unsure what group you are interested in, let us help you to decide.

All Girls Ministry - This team consists of about 15 girls.  They are available to do lock-ins or other ministry opportunities for groups of all girls.  They feel that there is a unique opportunity for young women to open up when they are in situations without guys.

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  1. 150th Festival Worship Service
    10/12/2014 04:00 PM
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