Concordia Experience

Gross Hall

Gross Hall features six floors of air-conditioned cluster-style living with an elevator. There are seven rooms to one cluster which include Freshman Residential Experience communities. Each cluster features carpeting, its own bathroom, shower facilities and a study lounge. Gross Hall also houses all single room occupants on campus.

Gross Hall room dimensions:

The rooms are approximately 16 feet in length, 11 feet wide, with a height of eight feet. There are two closets in each room and that are approximately 48 inches wide by 27 inches deep by 90 inches high. There is usually one window in each room and the dimensions are 42 inches wide by 55 inches high.

Program highlights for Gross Hall includes:

  • Trip to the Art Institute
  • "Lighten Up"- Getting rid of burdens you carry
  • Eating disorders presentation and discussion
  • Love your genes program
  • Progressive dinner
  • Conversation partners with foreign exchange students
  • Bonfire
  • Battle of the Sexes program
  • Wind Symphony Concert
  • Healthy snacking habits program
  • Learn the secrets to relaxation session