Cinema Sophia

A Method for using Movies to Mentor and Motivate


Every week the students at CUChicago are invited to view a movie and then discuss the importance of the film. We watch new releases, old classics, and everything in between. We watch drama, comedy, action/adventure, and every other genre. What we want to do most of all is consider the language and thinking that the vast American public so eagerly seeks at the movies. Our consideration includes ways in which the film parallels Christian philosophy, theology, and mission. We also talk about how we can use the film to discover the needs of people to which Christianity may respond and ways by which we might more effectively meet those needs.

The study guides offer questions that prompt the discussion. Many of them do not yet have answers or notes included, but I am hoping to get to that. If you want to use a particular study and have questions, please e-mail me and I will try to help. The Matrix is, in my opinion, the most significant study and has notes provided for the first film of the series.

-Dr. Michael Eschelbach

Cinema Sophia Study Guides:

The study guides on this and other pages are copyrighted material. They may be downloaded for personal use only. For permission to reproduce these study guides for use with a group contact Dr. Michael Eschelbach. The Study Guides are in Adobe PDF format. You will need the free Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat to view them. 

Below are some examples.  Click here for a complete list of movie study guides.

The Matrix Fantastic Four Deja Vu
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