Admission Requirements

Steps to Apply 

The joint nursing degree program requires a two-step admission process. Please note, admission into CUC’s program does not guarantee admission to Resurrection’s program. These requirements are:

  1. Apply to Concordia University Chicago and be accepted into the University’s program.
  2. Apply to Resurrection University. This can begin after you complete a minimum of two full-time semesters of program coursework at CUC. Applicants will also need to complete the Resurrection application and qualifying TEAS test exam results.

Program admission requirements for freshmen students at Concordia University Chicago:

The joint nursing degree program is a competitive admission program for select incoming freshmen students. The minimum specialized requirements are:

  1. Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75/4.0 in all high school coursework.
  2. Minimum grade point average of 2.75/4.0 in all high school Science courses (recommended courses include: Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology).
  3. Grade of “C” or better in all Natural Science high school coursework.
  4. Minimum grade point average of 2.75/4.0 in all high school Mathematics courses (recommended courses include:  Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry).
  5. Grade of “C” or better in all Mathematics high school coursework. 
  6. Minimum ACT composite score of 23 or an SAT I combined score of 1070.
  7. Minimum ACT subscores of 23 in both Mathematics and Science.
  8. Minimum ACT subscore of 21 in English.

Please Note: This program is currently unavailable for transfer students.  It is recommended that prospective transfers contact Resurrection directly.

Program admission requirements for students to Resurrection University:

To begin the admission process into Resurrection University, all students must meet the minimum specialized requirements after successful completion of two-full term semesters at CUC. These requirements designated by Resurrection are:

  1. Application and $50 application fee—Must be submitted via Twenty-four hours after submitting the online payment, you must contact the Office of Admissions at 708-763-6530 to register for the TEAS exam, which is part of your application.
  2. TEAS exams—Administered several times a month at Resurrection University and must be passed in order to be accepted. Test dates can be found here. A study guide can be purchased at
  3. Essay—Must be submitted electronically. Essay guidelines:
    1. Maximum two pages, double spaced
    2. Name included on each page
    3. Typewritten
    4. Essay Topic: One of the four college principles is Respect All Persons; describe respectful behavior and discuss how it is important in student life and your professional career.
    5. Optional: If you would like to share additional information about yourself and academic background, you may include a second essay with your application.
  4. Transcripts—Official transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended must be submitted.
  5. Other criteria:
    1. Science and computer courses must have been completed no more than five years from intended term of enrollment.
    2. Three out of four science classes must be completed by the deadline date to be considered for admission.
    3. Overall, cumulative GPA of 2.75/4.0
    4. Science GPA of 2.75/4.0 (calculated from your grades in General Chemistry, Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology I & II).
    5. Complete the TEAS exam with satisfactory score based on national averages.

For more information

Concordia University Chicago and Resurrection University are pleased to offer this unique joint degree program in nursing. If you have more questions or wish to learn more, please contact CUC’s Office of Undergraduate Admission at 1-877-CUChicago (282-4422) or email