Concordia-Chicago Students Study Abroad in Costa Rica


 Concordia University Chicago students traveled to Costa Rica in May as part of a global strategy course offered by the College of Business. The course, Field Study in International Business – Global Strategy, is part of an international business minor offered by the school. The study abroad program, which is in its third year, exposes students to both international trade and culture.

The students learned global business strategy by visiting nine different companies including Intel, Baxter and Hellman Worldwide Logistics. The students also worked on business projects as part of the trip.

Professor Dellegrazie, who organized the trip, said, “Working with Hellman's Worldwide Logistics taught the Concordia students about the support that the branch in Costa Rica provides to their internal customers in the United States. This provided great insight for the students into the structural make up of a global corporation and how customers can be internal as well as external.”

The students also worked on a rebranding project for the Arenal Observatory Lodge. Up until now, the positioning of the lodge was based solely on a nearby active volcano. Because the volcano is no longer active, the students helped the organization refocus its messaging on other surrounding activities and environmental features.

The company projects provided two very different global experiences. Professor Dellegrazie added, “Both projects provided the students with hands-on experience that they can take with them to future jobs. A strong multi-cultural and global business understanding is critical for students entering the business world today."

Eco-tourism is one of Costa Rica’s prominent industries. Students had the opportunity to meet with managers of one of Costa Rica’s national parks. The group hiked through lush rainforests and witnessed a 70-meter waterfall that is protected by a local conservation project. They also enjoyed learning about the rescue and rehabilitation of rainforest animals such as kinkajous, white-faced monkeys and macaws through a hands-on volunteer day at a local rescue shelter.

COB Costa Rica trip

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