Satisfactory Academic Progress

Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Assistance

Federal and state governments require that each college have standards of satisfactory academic progress (SAP) for determining continued eligibility for student financial aid. SAP standards measure both the quantity and quality of course work completed. SAP includes the following three elements: grade point average, course completion rate and maximum time frame:

Grade Point Average–Graduate students are required to maintain a 3.0 grade point average by the end of their first year of full time study. A cumulative 3.0 grade point must be maintained from that point forward.

• Course Completion Rate–Graduate students are required to complete two-thirds (67 percent) of all credit coursework attempted. The completion rate is calculated as a percentage of completed coursework over the student’s entire enrollment at Concordia University Chicago. Students must maintain a cumulative 67 percent course completion rate. Grades of W, F, IF, or U, are considered as coursework attempted but not completed.

• Maximum Time Frame–Graduate students are allowed to receive financial assistance until they have exceeded 150 percent of the number of credit hours needed to complete their degree program at CUC.

In addition, if students fail to meet the above standards of satisfactory progress, then they will be placed on Warning Status or Disqualification Status.

• Warning Status–Students who do not meet the standards of satisfactory academic progress will be on Probation status for his/her next term of attendance. During the probation period, the student is still allowed to receive their need-based financial aid.

• Disqualification Status–Students who fail to meet the standards of satisfactory academic progress after a semester on probation will become disqualified from receiving further financial assistance from federal, state and/or Concordia funds. This includes eligibility for grants, student loans and CUC faculty/staff waivers.

Appeals for the Reinstatement of Financial Assistance

Students may appeal their disqualification status, if mitigating circumstances contributed to their inability to meet the required Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress. Students should write a letter, addressed to the Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee, explaining their circumstance and what has changed, which will allow for their success in the future.

Students are expected to submit supporting documentation when applicable. If approved, your status will change to Probation Status for one semester.

GI Bill recipients must comply with the University’s overall Academic requirements for all degree programs are outlined in the program section of this catalog. Academic requirements for teacher certification programs are outlined on the student’s Certification Program Evaluation.

All graduate programs require a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher for degree/certification completion.