Post-Baccalaureate Programs

Graduation Cartificates

Not-for-Profit/Church Management Certificate

The Not-for-Profit/Church Management Certificate is designed to increase the proficiency of not-for-profit and church professionals, leading to more effective management in finance and human resources, as well as to enable them to better accomplish their mission and ministry. This program is designed to benefit individuals already working in the not-for-profit sector, individuals who wish to switch careers, and successful business professionals who are seeking a way to “make a difference” in today’s world.

Required Courses:

ACC-6500 Financial Management of Not-for-Profit Organizations
MGT-6530 Introduction to Not-for-Profit Organizations
MGT-6540 Board Governance and Management of Volunteers
MGT-6500 Fund Development and Management
MKT-6500 Communications and Public Relations
in a Not-For-Profit Organization

Gerontology Certificate

The Gerontology certificate program addresses the need of health care professionals as well as professionals in other fields to be prepared to serve the unique needs of an aging population.

Required Courses:

HMS-6000 Introduction to the Human Service Profession
GER-6980 Practicum in Gerontology
GER-6160 Sociology of Aging
SOC-6510 Diversity in Aging
PSY-6050 Adult Development and Aging

Couple and Family
Relational System Certificate

This 15 semester-hour certificate is designed primarily for individuals with an undergraduate degree (preferably in social work, psychology, sociology or theology), but especially those already practicing as helping professionals or pursuing a graduate degree in counseling, human service or church professional programs (clinical mental health counseling, school counseling, human services, psychology or Christian education).

Required Courses:

CED-6550 Family Systems Theory and Therapy
SOW-6100 Ethical Issues in the Helping Professions
SOW-6400 Marital and Family Counseling
PSY-6994 Internship in Human Services (300 clock hours) or
PSY-6991 Internship in Community Counseling

Educational Technology Certificate

This 18 semester-hour certificate is designed primarily for practicing teachers or for individuals in graduate level preparation programs; it requires that the applicant have an undergraduate degree, preferably in education. This certificate has been developed to address the need and interest of teachers to integrate technology into teaching and learning. It provides teachers with the tools to address the Illinois State learning standards and the International Society for Technology in Education standards.

Required Courses:

CSE-6120 Educational Hardware and Software
EDT-6010 Integrating Technology Across the Curriculum
FPR-6010 Theoretical, Ethical, and Practical Foundations of Education Technology
EDT-6050 Technology for Effective Decision Making in Teaching and Learning
EDT-6060 Trends and Future of Technology in Education
EDT-6070 Educational Technology Leadership
EDT-6205 Technology, Society, and Education
EDT-6030 Using Technology to Build Learning Communities

Teaching Licensure Endorsement
Special Education, LBS 1

The LBS 1 Endorsement is program designed for licensed educators (Type 03, 09, 10, or 29 certificates) with two or more years of teaching experience interested in working with a special education population or developing the skills necessary to work with students with specific learning needs within their current teaching situation.

This endorsement will prepare you to take the LBS 1 examination. You will learn how to meet the academic and learning needs exceptional learners. Through this course of study, you will build and strengthen a theoretical understanding of the foundations of special education while learning practical skills necessary to be successful as teacher of Special Education students.

As part of your course of study, you will be required to complete 100 field work hours (divided between your courses) at a school of your choice. Your observations and work with exceptional learners in special and regular education settings will serve as an opportunity for you to apply and reflect on what you learn in your courses.

Students apply for endorsement through the Illinois State Board of Education via the Regional Offices of Education. ISBE Form 73-52, official transcripts, and any fees must be submitted before endorsement is given. Upon approval, the student will obtain an LBS 1 Limited endorsement. This endorsement allows the endorsement holder to teach special education students within the age and grade limits of their teaching licensure.

Required Courses:

EDU-6425 Psychology and Methods for Teaching the Exceptional Learner
EDU-6350 Characteristics and Learning Needs of Students with Academic and Physical Challenges
EDU-6355 Instructional Strategies for Students with Academic and Physical Challenges
EDU-6360 Characteristics and Learning Needs of Students with Learning and Behavior Disorders
EDU-6365 Instruction Strategies for Students with Learning and Behavior Disorders
EDU-6370 Curriculum Based and Educational
Measurement of Exceptional Learners