Michelle Morkert, PhD

Associate Professor

Dr. Morkert teaches literature, as well as women’s and gender studies courses at Concordia University Chicago. She serves as the coordinator of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program. Her areas of expertise include the studies of women, gender and militarization, critical whiteness and post-colonialism. In addition she thoroughly studies women’s and gender studies, as well as the development of women’s and gender studies programs at faith-based institutions. Among the courses she teaches include Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies, Principles of Women's and Gender Studies, Topics in Women's and Gender Studies, Diversity in American Society, Arts and Ideas, Nonwestern Literature and English Composition. Dr. Morkert is the Graduate Capstone Project Advisor (MALS Program). She previously served at Clark University as a teaching assistant in the Women’s Studies and Government Department. She also served at Women’s Advocate and Mutual Ground, Inc., Domestic Violence services.
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